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How the Grinch Stole Christmas
...the Grinch's dog, who looks back on his suffering years with the mean old green creature before his younger self (...the excellent Jared Starkey) becomes part of that transformational Christmas of theft and restoration.

Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union

Also good is Jared Starkey as Max, the dog who is the Grinch's young, unwilling accomplice. As it should be, Starkey offers an energetic and eager portrayal.

Bob Goepfert, The Saratogian

Peter and the Starcatcher
Flying above them all, figuratively speaking (this is a grounded prequel) is Jared Starkey, who has the ideal boyish glint in his eye and matinee-idol square jaw to play Boy, the boy who will be Peter Pan. 

Christopher Arnott, The Hartford Courant

To mark the highlights of the show, one need look no further than Jared Starkey, who is everything one might ask for in the role of Boy. Starkey is fresh faced and light on his feet; he summons up completely the spirit of Peter Pan. 

Zander Opper, Talkin' Broadway

There is a real chemistry between Peter/Boy (Jared Starkey) and Molly (Natalie Sannes) as she teaches him how to be a leader and how to free himself from the things that keep him from soaring (literally and figuratively). 

Joseph Harrison, Broadway World

Jared Starkey, an actor of considerable charm and magnetism, takes hold of Peter's journey,  projecting just the right amount of warmth, heroism, restlessness, angst and soul-searching indicative of J. M. Barrie's famous creation. His athletic, animated prowess is unbeatable, as is his steadfast mime and balletic skills.
Watching him shift gears with split-second timing or simply just jump, spin, twirl, kick, shake or bounce about the Playhouse on Park set like a turn-of-the-century circus acrobat adds nuance, color and sweep to his boyish characterization. Elsewhere, he inhabits and projects the wonder, the mystery and the glimmer of the orphaned, lost boy who eventually can and will fly.

Jim Ruocco, From the Desk of Jim R

Jared Starkey had the requisite energy and plenty of charm to play Boy, later named Peter Pan.

Nancy Sasso Janis, Naugatuck Patch

A Chorus Line
...and solo lines from Ben Cooley, Kayla Starr Bryan, Jared Starkey and others reveal just how much talent is behind that unified sound.

David DeWitt, The New York Times

Mark, played by Jared Starkey, is terrific as the sex-crazed and youngest member of the group.

Stephanie C. Lyons, Pillow Talking

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