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About Jared

Jared is an energetic performer who graduated Magna Cum Laude with his BA in Musical Theatre at Western Connecticut State University. Jared is an adventurous soul who also enjoys hiking, camping, volleyball, and painting. Check out Jared's life through photos on his Instagram account!

Where is he now?

Now, Jared is living in New York City where he studies voice with Neil Semer. Jared is represented by Nancy Carson and the Carson-Adler Agency.

Jared grew up on a family Christmas tree farm in rural Connecticut. Pursuing both Theatre and Soccer during his younger years, Jared became both a varsity soccer captain and a leading performer. He soon discovered that theatre was something he wanted to do his entire life after performing as Dickon in The Secret Garden at a local community theater. Shortly after, he decided to pursue a BA in Musical Theatre at Western Connecticut State University.

So here's the story...
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